"I am in LOVE with my Wardrobe from The Wardrobe Man!"

If you're looking for high-quality custom wardrobes at Perth's best prices - whether you're an architect, interior designer or simply looking to renovate your own home - The Wardrobe Man can help you create the perfect wardrobe for your next project.


Walk In & Built In Wardrobes Perth


The Wardrobe Man specializes in everything wardrobes & storage solutions. From walk in robes, built in wardrobes to even custom designed TV cabinets, we have it all covered. Our materials are sourced from quality certified resources from all over the world, locally in Australia and even all the way from Europe, just to name a few.

You can be sure we have the latest products available on the market, so you can be guaranteed your new wardrobe is modern, stylish and functional. Our team at The Wardrobe Man is the most knowledgeable in the industry and look forward to seeing you at our showroom at 5/55 Prindiville Drive, Wangara. Ask us anything and our experience creating top shelf wardrobes will show...


Wardrobes in Perth


Is it time for a change in your storage space? Are you ready to modernise and create a designer wardrobe?

If you are looking for wardrobes in Perth, you need look no further than The Wardrobe Man, the leading wardrobe design specialist in Perth. Look around our website. There's lots of great ideas. What makes us special? Firstly, we offer the best wardrobes in Perth, and secondly we believe we have the most extensive range of wardrobes in Perth.

We have a wide variety of storage solutions to choose from, whether you are looking for a walk in robe, built in robes, or even a specially designed custom wardrobe just for you. Every wardrobe we design is created with you and your clothes in mind. All shelves, drawers & hanging spaces can be tailor made for you, bringing a modern and functional feel.

We only create your robe from the highest quality materials. We pay attention to the details, no matter how small, so you don’t have to. Our designers and cabinet makers oversee and carefully create and build your wardrobe. If it doesn’t surpass our expectations, we'll start over.


Wardrobe Design & Fit Outs in Perth


If you’re in Perth and want your wardrobe installed without all the hassle, we can fit out your robe with our "white glove" service. Our installers always treat our clients' homes with the utmost care and will work on a timeline that suits you.

If you're feeling up for the challenge and want to do it yourself (DIY), we can give you complete instructions, which will make it simple and easy. And if there's any questions at all, we can always be contacted on (08) 9409 6706.

And if you're outside of Perth we regularly ship our wardrobes throughout Australia. We always take extreme care when packing your robe design to make sure it's delivered on time without any damage. We'll fully insure your wardrobe so you have no worries. We offer free shipping to select locations and we’ll even work with you ‘out of our own pocket’ to discount the shipping cost to regional Australia.

We work hard to always maintain our lead in our field and ensure we give you the best Perth wardrobe design and storage solutions possible. Our strong interest in researching, sourcing, and supplying the latest advances in wardrobe design technology and materials is unwavering.

The Wardrobe Man has been around since 2007 and is still going strong today, more than a decade after its founding, due in no small part to the loyal following of our customers. We have earned this through attention to detail, outstanding product knowledge, great pricing, and a focus on providing genuine customer support in every way we can.

We look forward to welcoming you, so we can assist with all your wardrobe desires and other storage solution requirements. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you in any way we can.




"I am in LOVE with my Wardrobe from The Wardrobe Man!
My Wardrobe is the statement room of my house!! Highly Recommended!"

- Erin Brunini



Create The Perfect Wardrobe For Any Project!


Our staff pride themselves on being able to help you get exactly the wardrobe you want. Whether you're an interior designer who knows exactly what you need and looking for the highest quality products or it's your first time renovating.

Built in wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, you name it. We consider price, durability, look, finish… and combine that with what you tell us, to help you create the perfect wardrobe at the right price.




elite Modular Brushed Silver Walk In Robe

Custom Designs


Designed For Your Clothes

Your wardrobe is custom designed with you and your clothes in mind. Shelves, drawers & hanging spaces, all at the heights you choose. Modern AND functional.

Gone are the days of “I can’t find anything!...” You’ll be able to see clearly where everything is, so you never have to rush around in the morning again. Your robe, your choice, everything is up to you!


elite Modular Wardrobes - Quality Materials

Modern Systems and Design


Quality Materials

Our unique system has aluminium posts with traditional cabinets, giving off a modern flare. We only create your design from the highest quality materials. We sweat the details, so you don’t have to.

Our designers and cabinet makers oversee and carefully create every piece of your design. If it doesn’t surpass our expectations, we start over. You’ll be uploading photos to Pinterest in no time!


Custom Crafted Wadrobes


Crafted To Perfection


Crafted To Perfection

No two are alike. Your custom Design is sent to our workshop, where we use the finest materials and our high-end machinery to manufacture all your wardrobe components.

Using sustainable materials, you can pick from a variety of colours and grains, each with with their own unique flare and accent. We treat every wardrobe like a piece of art. A piece of art you’ll be proud of.


Installed or Delivered Australia Wide



Simple & Easy

If you’re living in Perth, we can install your robe with our ‘white-glove’ service, on a timeline that works for you. Our installers will treat your home as their own, leaving it spotless.

Before getting started, we’ll protect your walls and floors. And when your installation is done, we’ll make sure your new wardrobe is perfectly clean and ready for use. Your peace of mind is our peace of mind.


Custom Crafted Wadrobes


Shipped to your Door

Quick To You

We regularly ship the Elite system throughout Australia. We take extreme care in packing your order to make sure it’s delivered without any damage.

Your entire wardrobe is fully insured for a ‘no worries mate’ state of mind. We offer Free Shipping to select locations. And we’ll even work with you ‘out of our own pocket’ to discount the shipping cost to regional Australia.


"I am thrilled with the finished product.
I get so many positive comments. Thank you to the team at Wardrobe Man,
your service and product was outstanding!"

- Nikki Milne,
The Perth Collective

Trusted Wardrobe Supplier To Some Of Australia's Best Homes.



elite Modualr Wardrobe by The Wardrobe Man


elite Wardrobe in Velveteen


elite Modular Wardrobe Featuring Shoe Shelving


elite Modular Wardrobe Featuring two of our Glass Topped Five Drawer Units


elite Modualr Wardrobe Featuring our Three Drawer Unit


elite Modular Graphite Wardrobe and Makeup Desk


elite Modular Velveteen Wardrobe and Doors by The Wardrobe Man


elite Modular Brushed Silver Wardrobe


elite Modular Kitchen Shelving Unit


"We can't recommend The Wardrobe Man highly enough.Their products are
top quality and look amazing; we were thrilled with the end result!"

- Andy Mullane


Find The Perfect Design For Any Project

Choose from over 50 designs for your new wardrobe layout - depending on your measurements and what you prefer. This is just the starting point.

Built in wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, you name it. We even do custom wardrobes if you'd like something unique and specifically for you.

All this means is you'll be able to create the right wardrobe for any project - no matter the size and scale.

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