stili wardrobe shelving system

An Elegant & Stylish Addition To Any Room

With the STILI shelving system, you can create stylish and contemporary storage spaces for any area of your home, from wardrobes to living spaces.

Designed in Italy, STILI consists of premium components, which easily adapts and configures to any space you have, creating an elegant finish to any room in your house...

stili wardrobe shelving

Italian Design, German Engineering, Australian Made


Fully customized for your space, no matter how big or small!

State-of-the-art premium components.

Huge range of finishes & colours available.

Aluminium available in Black Varnish or Star Dust finish.

Have your design just the way you want it.

For any room, bedroom, wardrobe, living room, family room, office and more...

Cutting-Edge Design

All Aluminum components are manufactured by VOLPATO, renowned worldwide for designing and manufacturing innovative cutting-edge products.

The STILI range can either be fitted floor to ceiling or floor to wall, adding to its versatility.

Either way, STILI can be used in your bedroom, in the living area (as a room partition between two different spaces), an entertainment unit or any other room you desire.

The fixing system makes it possible to place shelves and cabinets wherever you want.

stili shelving

Our Brands Used With The STILI System

stili wardrobe shelving

The cabinets and shelves are designed and manufactured by us in our state-of-the-art factory.

You can select from hundreds of different finishes and colours from Laminex and Polytec (two of Australia's leading suppliers of quality materials).

All drawer runners are German quality from Hettich or Blum and come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Select from Push to Open or Soft Close Push to Open.

Designed for easy installation, the STILI system has been rigorously tested to ensure durability and lastingness.

Available in both a Black Varnish or Star Dust finish, the aluminium profile can also accommodate LED strip lighting to further enhance the look - a feature not available in other systems on the market.

How To Install STILI

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What To Do Next

When you're ready to find out how amazing your space will look like with STILI, feel free to reach out and say 'Hi'.

Whatever style, solution or result you're looking for, the specialists at The Wardrobe Man will help you create a premium design!

Just let us know a little bit about what you want to achieve and we can find a solution for you...


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