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It's easy to create beautiful sliding Wardrobe doors!

Design Flexibility

Made to suit your individual requirements. The Slimline Triple Track Sliding Wardrobe Door Systems are suitable for either wall to wall, freestanding or corner return installations.

Triple track three door wardrobes features two thirds opening for superior ease of access to your wardrobe interiors. Constructed from high quality Australian Made aluminum extrusions,

Space:Maker Slimline™ Triple Track is designed to suit an extensive range of configurations and applications.

elfa Platinum Pantry


Wardrobes with Two Thirds Opening

We often get customers not happy with the old Sliding Door system of having three sliding wardrobe doors on two tracks. This means you can only open a third of the wardrobe at any one time. The placement of drawers and other components can become problematic and make access difficult.

To over come these limitations we have found that the thee doors three track system is the ideal choice. The new slimline Sliding Door System allows all three doors to be pushed to one side giving an expansive two thirds opening.

Not only that but the Slimline system only takes up 86mm for the Tracking so if you have a wardrobe recess that is not a good depth these sliding doors will solve the problem.

Greater interior accessibility for you reach in wardrobe with expansive two
thirds door opening.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Slimline - Tacks Two Third Opening


Slimline for greater interior Accessibility:

Slimline Wardrobe Doors give greater interior accessibility with expansive two thirds door opening.

Contemporary appearance.

Continuous finger grip on all sliding door panels provides additional strength and ease of use.

Concealed concave 41mm diameter rollers and brackets for quiet operation and ease of adjustment.

Head guide device prevents door panels from jumping off the track.

Solid bottom rail facilitating a fully concealed roller assembly

Foot-friendly, easy-to-clean track

Slimline Sliding Wardrobe Doors - Head Channel


86mm Width:

Made to suit your individual requirements. Space:Maker Slimline™ Triple Track wardrobes are suitable for either wall to wall, freestanding or corner return installations.

Constructed from high quality Australian Made aluminium extrusions, Space:Maker Slimline™ Triple Track is designed to suit an extensive range of configurations and applications.

All Our doors are custom made to your requirements and design.


Concealed Convex Roller - Large 41mm diameter convex rollers and strong galvanized metal adjustment brackets, which are rebated and concealed in the door bottom, ensure quiet operation and allow for out of square adjustment to be made with the turn of a screw.

Solid Bottom Rail
Together, the solid bottom rail and V-grooved bottom track provide strength and durability, eliminating roller side play, resulting in a smooth sliding operation.

Slimline Sliding Wardrobe Doorsl


Design Considerations:

We recommend using mirror or colored glass in your Slimline Doors. We also recommend keeping the width to no greater than 850mm and the height to 2400mm. The great benefit for these doors are the small amount of space they will use in the standard reach in Wardrobe however there is a small amount of Flex in the doors so keeping them smaller is the best way to avoid any problems.

We can only make full panel doors in the Slimline System.

The team at Wardrobe Man really know their stuff - from start to finish was smooth-sailing, nothing is a drama at all, lovely people. Lyn was accommodating and thorough - the new wardrobe fit-out is exactly what we wanted. We don’t live a short drive either, but totally worth it. Thanks so much.

A T Davey  - LEEMING

Opening Doors Conversion toSLiding Doors
Slimline Doors Matt Natural

These doors were custom made for a wardrobe space that originally had two opening doors. The Narrow 86mm three track system was selected to avoid wasting valuable space in the robe and the room.

Opening or Hinged Door Conversion to Narrow Sliding Doors
Slimline Doors - Black

This narrow three track system worked well for the owner who wanted to convert two large opening doors to sliding doors. The old steel frame was retained and we custom made doors to fit this space, giving more space in the bedroom.

Three Door Narrow Track Sliding Doors with elfa internal shelving
Slimline Doors - Black

As you can see from this photo the three doors can be pushed to one side and gives you great access to the inside of the wardrobe. No more large 820mm doors opening into the room. The owner also used the elfa system to create new internal fit-out, which allowed the owner to create a functional storage system for his daughter.

Slimline Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Three Door Conversion to sliding doors



Slimline Doors Mirror and Matt Natural

These doors were custom made for a customer who was renovating an old apartment with an old wardrobe that was in desperate need of a makeover.

The wardrobe recess had three opening doors that had to go.

When the room is small,  opening doors often get in the way of the bed or bedside cabinets.

By converting the opening doors to the Slimline Sliding Doors, both the functionality of the room improved and the doors were modernized.

Creating a nice modern look for the apartment upgrade.

We are extremely happy with the glass sliding doors fitted by Kevin and his team. Kept us fully informed during the whole process. While we weren't quite sure on the best solution for our needs, Kevin was able to show us several options. This made our job of choosing the right doors a lot easier. Very professional from the beginning to the end. Thank you to Kevin, Lynda and the rest of the team on a job well done.

stephen jensen  - Edgewater

Narrow Track

The Slimline system by The Wardrobe Man is a narrow 86mm wide and can be used to retrofit an old steel framed wardrobe. Convert your old opening doors to sliding doors.

10 Year Warranty

All our Sliding Doors come with a 10 Year Warranty. We also are available to fully install your doors or we are happy for you to DIY.

High Quality

We only use the Best Quality materials. We want our customers to be happy for years to come, so we do not use cheap materials.


Because we focus on Functionality, we always work to maximize your storage space. We have been designing and building storage solutions for years, just check out our Google Reviews.

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