• Pen/Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • A Step Ladder (optional)
  • A Spirit Level (optional)


sliding-wardrobe-doors-pencil sliding-wardrobe-doors-measuring-tape sliding-wardrobe-doors-spirit-level sliding-wardrobe-doors-step-ladder


Before You Get Started:


  • Measurements must be floor to ceiling and doesn't include any track currently in the opening
  • Measurements need to be specified in millimetres (mm)
  • Remember the famous saying: "Measure twice, cut once!"





Step 1.

Measure the height. We need 3 measurements:


Measure (A) the left-hand side of the opening


Measure (B) the middle of the opening


Measure (C) the right-hand side of the opening



Step 2.

Measure the width. We also need 3 measurements:


Measure (D) the top width of the opening


Measure (E) the middle width of the opening


Measure (F) the bottom width of the opening





Top Planning Tips


1. When manufacturing the Sliding Wardrobe Doors we make them according to the shortest height and the widest width.

When measuring the height, it's a good idea to check that the ceiling doesn't sag in the middle. If this is the case, please measure this height as it will most likely will be the shortest height.


2. Grab a spirit level and check all four sides of the opening, top, bottom, left and right to see if everything is level.

Make a note of anything you think we should know of. And don't worry if you think your opening is not completely straight or parallel, our Sliding Wardrobe Doors are fully adjustable to solve this!




All Done!


Simple and easy. Job well done! All you need to do now is send in your measurements and we'll do the rest!