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A Cut Above the Rest

Frameless Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Have you been searching for doors that are a cut above the rest?

We have unique and individual wardrobe solutions to create an amazing wardrobe, walk in robe or built in wardrobe.

Since introducing the Indeco Frameless Doors to the West Australian Market, we have had tons of positive feedback.

You too can create an elegant and stylish room with a Premium Frameless Sliding Wardrobe Door system.

All Aluminum Components and wheels are made in Europe. Combined with our expertise and skill we can create a Modern Contemporary appearance for your home.

We custom make every door in our Wangara Factory so no need to worry about doors not fitting your recess size.

View our Full Range at our Wardrobe Showroom. 

Make sure you visit Perth's Exclusive Distributor of the Indeco range of doors. 

Our Sample Projects

Sliding Frameless Wardrobe Doors | Two Door Mirror Set

Two Sliding Door Set

Two Track System - 4mm Mirror Doors

Recess Installation

With four wheels at the top of every door and two quality wheels on the bottom, this design will ensure super smooth quiet running for years to come. The track even has a hidden positioner to ensure the doors always close to the same position.

The bottom track is a Low Profile Foot-friendly track which is only 56mm wide. This track has proved to be a real winner in small or tight recesses where you want to minimize the space taken up by your doors

Sliding Frameless Wardrobe Doors | Mirror Frameless Doors

Get A Combo Deal

Two Track System. - Recess Installation.

Our Frameless doors can be built to a range of heights including up to 2700mm high recesses. This is subject to the door size and weight of the doors, as we do not want to overload the wheels, we want you to be happy with the performance of your doors for years to come.

All our doors come with our standard 10 year Guarantee on frame and components.

The Sliding Frameless doors are designed for 4mm Mirror & 4mm Low Iron Super White Glass. Best of all our Online Ordering system allows you to order any combinations of finishes.

Sliding Frameless Wardrobe Doors | Four Door Low Iron White Glass

Four Sliding Door Set

Two Track System - Full Panel Design

Recess Installation

Low Iron Super White Glass

You can use 4mm mirror or 4mm Low Iron Super White Glass.

We have all the glass cut to the exact size required and then the edges of the glass are Arrised, a Beveled Edge is created and then machine Polished, this adds to the premium look.

Walk in Robes

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Conditions Apply, min spend $1,500. See:Terms

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Frameless| Four Door Set in Mirror

Four Door Set

Two Track System

4mm Mirror

Recess Installation

The owner of this house wanted a new look in their bedroom. We replaced the old doors and installed this great set of Four Frameless Sliding Doors.

With a set of four doors, it's easy to find what you are looking for as the four door set allows approximately half of the recess to be open when all four doors are pushed to one side.

Experience tells us that the four smaller doors give much better access than three larger doors.

The team at Wardrobe Man really know their stuff - from start to finish was smooth-sailing, nothing is a drama at all, lovely people. Thanks so much.

A T Davey  - LEEMING

Quality Components in Every Door

Frameless Sliding Doors - Top Wheels
Quality Top Wheels

Each Door has these four quality wheels installed at the top of every door to ensure smooth and whisper quiet running for years to come.

Frameless Sliding Doors - Bottom Wheels
Rigid Steel Chassis Construction

Note the Adjustable Mechanism so you can raise, lower or tilt the doors for that not so square or out of Plumb wall.

Frameless Sliding Doors - Narrow Bottom Track
Foot Friendly Narrow Track

When you are looking for a narrow bottom track, the Frameless System has a narrow track of only 56mm in width and is one of the smallest on the market. Excellent for Wardrobes that lack depth.


We are extremely happy with the glass sliding doors fitted by Kevin and his team. Very professional from the beginning to the end. Thank you to Kevin, Lynda and the rest of the team on a job well done.

Stephen Jensen  - Edgewater

Why Us

Narrow Track

The Frameless Door system by The Wardrobe Man is a narrow 56mm width and is one of the smallest bottom tracks on the market.

Ideal for wardrobe recesses that lack depth.

10 Year Warranty

All our Sliding Doors come with a 10 Year Warranty. We can fully install your doors or we are happy for you to DIY.

High Quality

We only use the Best Quality materials. We want our customers to be happy for years to come, so we do not use cheap materials.


Because we focus on Functionality, we always work to maximize your storage space. We have been designing and building storage solutions for years, just check out our Google Reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Can Frameless Sliding Doors be made to?


How to Design Sliding Doors?

When we are designing sliding doors for your home, we need to consider a number of factors:

  • Total Weight: The bigger the door, the greater the weight on the bottom wheels. The maximum weight the doors can be made to is 50kg, Going beyond this limit will simply damage the wheels and the doors will fail over time.
  • Flex: The second factor we consider is the degree of flex in the door. The taller and wider the doors become, the greater the possibility the doors will be too flexible and may bow over time. We have a standard that we adhere to, to ensure the doors are a safe size.
  • Access: We also need to consider transport and installation factors. We have installed in apartments where doors had to be carried up six floors to get to the apartment as the doors were too big to go in the lift. This has added significantly to the cost.
  • Functionality: Are four doors better than three? This will depend on the components that are installed in the interior of the wardrobe or storage cupboard. Speak to one of our Designers, to ensure that any drawers installed will pull out and are functional.

Please see our sizing guide above. Please note that if you are ordering on line and we are installing then we will conduct a critical measurement to ensure that the doors are built to the correct size. If you want to DIY, we rely on your measurements to custom make your doors.

DIY - If you are going to install yourself, please see the Measurement Guide.

How Much are Frameless Sliding Doors?

The price will vary depending on the size of the doors required and the number of doors being custom made. Frameless doors are generally more expensive than standard doors due to:

  • Time: The amount of time taken to make Frameless Sliding Doors is longer, so more labour costs are involved.
  • Polishing: All the glass edges are polished to a high quality finish. This glass polishing requires high quality machinery and extra labour to produce a quality edge. The edges of the glass are on show, so we want them to look good.
  • Area: The price is based on the amount of Square Metres of material required. Therefore, the higher and wider you go, the more expensive.
  • Low Iron: Mirror Frameless Doors, as well as our Super White Low Iron Frameless Glass Doors, will be more expensive to make than our Standard Doors, but will look great and add to the value of your home.

Did you know you can now price your doors on line and order them as well.

Custom Sliding doors are easy to order, simply select your required size above, click View Pricing and our on-line shop will open. Complete the details and job done!

Who is Indeco?

Who Is Indeco?

Indeco is a leader in the European market for manufacturing wardrobe door systems and is now established worldwide.

Indeco Australasia is pleased to announce that we are the Australasian distributors for their produce here in Australia with The Wardrobe Man in Wangara Western Australia being the Exclusive Agent in Perth of the Indeco Range of Doors.

Indeco sliding doors are the smoothest and quietest sliding doors in the field and knowing they are European Quality will give you years of trouble-free use.

Can I View The Doors?
Yes! We have all our doors on display in our Showroom, please see the following link for our opening times and location.

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What is your Turnaround time?

Manufacturing a set of Custom Doors will depend on number of factors. On average once a deposit has been paid it is usually 3 to 4 weeks.

My Recess is Non Standard can you help?

No Problem with the Non Standard recess as all our doors are custom made to fit any space. We have a large and modern Factory in Wangara where all our doors are custom made. Our doors can be made to a large range of sizes depending on the technical constraints we work to.

Can you come out and measure my space?

Yes we can. Once you have paid a deposit and you require us to install, we will conduct our own critical measurement of the space. If you have decided that you would like to install yourself, then we will rely on your measurements. We will give a production checklist for you to complete all measurements. That way we can identify if there are any potential problems.

Do You have an Online Shop and can I Order online?

Yes, please see the links above. select your width and the number of doors and Click the Button "View Pricing"

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