Our Top Sliding Wardrobe Door Designs of 2020

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Design Duo

The Top Designs for Sliding Wardrobe Doors 2020 is a curation of our best sliding door designs in Perth, Australia and in the world.

These doors are featured for style, quality and elegance.

It just so happens The Wardrobe Man is the only place in Perth where you'll get the exact same standard of excellence and quality.

The Duo (above)

These wardrobe doors are simple and stylish. The Duo is a 2 panel that gives off a minimalism vibe. Simple, yet very stylish.

The Trio Stripe

Another beautiful Sliding Wardrobe Doors design, the Trio Stripe (pictured to the right) is made with 2 large panels and a smaller panel 'stripe' in the middle.

The Trio Stripe can be used for those who want a primary colour with an accent colour.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Design Trio Stripe

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Design Quattro

The Quattro

Just like the Quattro Formaggi pizza has four incredible and tasty cheeses, The Quattro Door has four incredible panels, each as great as the next. Who wouldn't love Quattro?

The Continental

The myth, the legend, the popularity of the Continental Door proceeds it. This Wardrobe Door design has five equal panels on each door and just looks stunning.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Design Continental

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Design Trio

The Trio

Similar to the Trio Stripe, The Trio stands on its own, impressive, elegant, graceful. The Trio is a Sliding Wardrobe Doors design with three equal panels on each door, each impressive as the next.

The Full Panel

When deciding on what design you want for your Sliding Wardrobe Doors, sometimes you just can't beat the classics. The Full Panel is a great example of style with a timeless quality.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Design Full Panel

Sliding Wardrobe Doors Design Trio

The Frameless Full Panel Doors

Since we have introduced these doors they have sold like hotcakes.

If you are building or renovating the Frameless Doors will create a design statement like no other.

Availble in White glass as displayed or mirror.

This product is on Display in our showroom. So if you are looking for the best make sure you visit Perth's best display of sliding doors at:

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