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Bi Fold Sliding Doors

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Bi Fold Doors - Four Door Set Part Open


Open Sesame!


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves would have loved these doors at the opening of their cave.

Just like magic these folding doors swing completely open to give you great access!

Where hidden treasures of food and drink await!

Simply pull the doors from the middle and the folding doors open to give full access.

These doors work well for any Kitchenette, Wardrobe, Pantry and much more.

In fact any storage area where you want to avoid a bottom track.

Sliding Frameless Wardrobe Doors | Four Door Low Iron White Glass


Full Access with

Bi Fold Doors

When you are searching for that storage solution that will maximize your space and access,  a set of bi fold doors will do the trick.

As you can see, no bottom track to trip on.

With A high quality trolley System in the Head Channel, these folding doors glide like.....

a magic carpet ride!



Bi Fold Doors - Four Door Set Part Opens


Close Sesame!

Those forty thieves might be coming to raid your bar fridge and  rip into your specially selected snacks.

Those snacks that you have secretly stashed away for half time at the football.

Quick Close Sesame - Disaster averted!

When you are searching for that storage solution that will maximize your space and access,  a set of bi fold doors will do the trick. These doors feature:

Trio Design

Recess Installation

Low Iron Super White Glass

Four Door Set

Big thank you to Kevin and Lynda. Very good quality, the wardrobe doors glide like a dream, wonderful.

Carol Cook  - Mullaloo

Quality Components in Every Door

The Technical Stuff

Maximum dimensions of the opening for the folding system: 3000mm in height and 2000mm in width (for double bi-fold doors).

Maximum dimensions of a bi-fold door; 2700mm in height, 1000mm in width (two leaves of 500mm each).

Maximum weight of 45kg.

Panel thickness of 4mm or 10mm.

Panel Material: Mirror, Low Iron Super White Glass (As Above) and 9mm Laminex or 9mm Polytec Products

Folding or Bi Fold Doors - Top Wheels
Quality Top Wheels

Each Door has these quality wheels installed at the top of every door to ensure smooth and whisper quiet running for years to come.

Frameless Sliding Doors - Bottom Wheels
Quality Hinges

With even the smallest set of doors we install three quality hinges per set of

Bi Fold Doors.

Frameless Sliding Doors - Narrow Bottom Track
Quality Grip Stile

The Grip Stile or Finger Pull is designed to make opening the sliding or folding  door easy.

We are extremely happy with the glass sliding doors fitted by Kevin and his team. Very professional from the beginning to the end. Thank you to Kevin, Lynda and the rest of the team on a job well done.

stephen jensen  - Edgewater

Why Us?

No Bottom Track

The Bi Fold Doors are the best choice when wanting to gain plenty of access to a wardrobe or recess or where a recess is too small for sliding doors.

10 Year Warranty

All our Bi Fold and Sliding Doors come with a 10 Year Warranty. We are available to fully install your doors or we are happy for you to DIY.

High Quality

We only use the Best Quality materials. We want our customers to be happy for years to come, so we do not use cheap materials.


Because we focus on Functionality, we always work to maximize your storage space. We have been designing and building storage solutions for years, just check out our Google Reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I View The Doors?
Yes! We have all our doors on display in our Showroom, please see the following link for our opening times and location.

Contact Us

What is your Turn-around time?

Manufacturing a set of Custom Doors will depend on a number of factors. On average once a deposit has been paid, it is usually 2 to 3 weeks.

What size can the doors be made?

Bi-Fold Doors can be made to any size within the following boundaries.

    The Bifold Maximum width for a four door system is 2,000mm.
    The Bifold Maximum width for a two door system is 1,000mm
    The Maximum height of a set of doors is up to 2,700mm.
A set of two doors cannot weigh more than 45kg - This is the MAXIMUM weight rating for the Top Track Wheels.
Please note the top track or ceiling must also be capable of supporting the weight of the doors as the Bi-Fold Doors are a top hung system.

Depending on the product used the ceiling must be able to support:
    45kg if using a two door set or
    90kg if using a four door set.
Please note the area in which the doors are to be installed should be perfectly square - rectangle.
Please feel free to call our office should you require any additional information.

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