The Elite Wardrobe and Shelving System

Elite System – Installation of the Foot and Posts

Installation Guide – The Elite Post. 

When planning your installation, special attention must be paid to the size and position of the post. The following is a guide only for planning purposes. For a full Elite wardrobe installation guide, please click here for the step by step video guide.

The Elite Foot for Wardrobes

The front view is 25mm for the post and approx. 57mm for the foot.

Which means the base of the foot sits, or overhangs 16mm from the edge of the post. You will need to make an allowance for this 16mm in your planning process. We recommend that you allow at least 20mmm for the foot of the post when planning your design.  Please see a typical floor plan below.

Elite Wardrobe Floor Plan with 20mm gap

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In the above example, we have allowed 20mm either end of the installation. When installing this wardrobe it is critical to make sure that the gap between the posts are exactly 700mm or 800mm.  Most of our installers start from the left side and work from left to right. If you do not keep the gaps exactly as per the Bays, you may run out of room when you are installing the the last Bay.   The image below is the typical setup when we are starting the install.

Elite Wardrobe Post - Installation of the first post


In the above image, the post is approx. 20mm from the wall.

This is the typical starting position of the first post.

What can I do if I run out of space?

When installing, if you are installing over a long length, it is easy to lose a couple of millimetres over a number of bays, so instead of the bays being exactly 800mm, you accidently make them 805mm and now the last post you go to install will not fit. In this case, you need the base of the foot to be 10mm less. What are the different solutions available?

This is what we call “Bay Creep”

Solution 1.

Remove all the posts you have installed and start again.  This time make sure the 800mm bays are 800mm and not 805mm.

Solution 2.

Please see the image below. In this example, we have cut the side of the foot off, so that we can now install the post Plumb to the wall. The base of the post is easily cut with a hacksaw. If you are installing components at the bottom of the post, you don’t notice the cut foot.

The Elite Wardrobe Post and Foot cut to size

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What happens if the space has skirting boards?

The typical skirting board is 18mm thick

Apart from providing a complete look, their main purpose is to cover the expansion gap that is left during the floor fitting process, between the wood or carpet and the walls.

Skirting Board Profiles

If the wall has a Skirting Board, then we usually take our measurement from skirting to skirting. If you want to maintain the skirting board you can work from skirting to skirting, however if you want to maximize the space, you can cut the skirting. Cutting the skirting in a colonial home with very elaborate skirting may not be an option, so to gain that extra space, we simply cut both the left and right hand side posts. If you do this, they should look like the following images. (Click the image to enlarge)

Example of the Elite Foot against skirting Board

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Standard Position with skirting board. The post sits approx. 36mm from the walls.

If using this position it allows you the flexibility of 72mm over the complete space.

Elite Wardrobe Foot with Skirting and Cut Foot

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This shows the cut Foot with skirting board untouched. The post sits approx. 18mm from the walls on a standard piece of skirting.

If using this position, it allows you the flexibility of 36mm over the complete space.


The Elite Wardrobe Foot with Skirting boards cut

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This image shows the Skirting Board removed and the Elite Foot is cut. The post sits hard up against the wall, zero tolerance for “Bay Creep”.

Be careful of the classic case of a wall leaning inwards, then you will have trouble installing the last bay in a wall to wall installation.

To avoid issues, Check Measure the wall at numerous heights and places.  Check with a spirt level on the wall to ensure the wall is plumb.

Always use the shortest measurement you take to design the size and number of bays.

If the last Bay does not fit, as a last resort, we resize the last Bay to fit the space available.

Avoid installing a drawer box as your last bay, as resizing a drawer box is not a good option.


I hope I have answered some of the questions we get regarding Installation of the Elite Wardrobe and Shelving System, if not please feel free to flick me an email to