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elfa Shelf Divider

The elfa Shelf Divider is used on the elfa Ventilated Shelves to help organize items and keep them neat. It can be installed either above or below the Ventilated Shelf. Use it to organise towels in your laundry, bags or folded clothes in your wardrobe. Install and move easily by squeezing the two inner bars and popping it into the shelf so the little bars sit under the edges of the ventilated shelf.

The Shelf Dividers are available in White in Two sizes:

The 311mm Shelf Divider fits perfectly with the Narrow 305mm Ventilated Shelf

The 411mm Shelf Divider is paired with the Standard depth 405mm Ventilated Shelf.

All the Shelf Dividers are 200mm in height and are made from durable epoxy-bonded steel construction.

The Shelf Divider can also be installed to the underside of the Shelf Basket



elfa Ventilated Shelf Divider



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