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Gliding Pant Racks 40

These Gliding Pant Racks match all the 40 Products such as the Ventilated Shelves 40

Gliding Pant Racks accommodate 10 pairs of trousers for the 600mm width and 7 pairs of trousers for the 450mm width plus they glide out, for ease of use. The unique design will ensure your trousers are stored without slipping off the rod and will always look fresh and neat.

Available in white and platinum, this gliding pant rack will only need two brackets to attach to the vertical hang standards.

The Pant Rack also has a belt/ scarf section at the back.

The Pant Rack can also be used for Scarves. Keeps all your Scarves organized and you can save time as you can easily find the scarf you are after. A great idea for everyone with lots of scarves.

Depth: 430mm – Matches all 40 Products – Please Note: Brackets not included. No Timber included.

The Pant Racks come in two different Widths, the 600mm and the 450mm

600: W 605mm X D 430mm

450: W 450mm X D 430mm

The standard size Depth of all these Pant Racks 430mm. This matches the standard depth of the 40 products such as the 405mm Deep Ventilated Shelving, the 420mm Bracket and the 437mm Deep Timber Decor Shelving.


Place two of the vertical hang Standards on the top track, click in two 420mm Brackets into the Hang Standards, then simply attach the gliding frame to the brackets and pop your Pant Rack into the frame.

Once the Pant Rack is installed, the Gliding Pant Rack has a depth of approximately 450mm from the back of the wall.


Remember each Pant Rack requires two 420mm brackets to hold the frame in place OR if you have two Pant Racks side by side you need three 420mm brackets.

The Timber 605mm by 437mm shelves fit perfectly above these Pant Racks 40 or use the 405mm ventilated shelves.

Please Note: images may vary slightly to actual products. Please visit us in store to see and touch all our baskets

Items with Pant Racks 40

  • Shelf Bracket VS42 Length 420mm
  • Width
  • elfa Decor Timber Shelf any and length at the 437mm – Standard Width
  • Bracket Hooks at 420mm, 5 or 10 Hooks.
  • Many other Accessories that use the 420mm Brackets, including Gliding Shoe Racks, Gliding Pant Racks, Shelves etc.

elfa Gliding Pant Rack 40

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