Everything Can Be Organized with elfa Shelving Products.

elfa Storage and Wardrobe System for the Whole House.

As you know, at the Wardrobe Man, we Love our elfa storage and shelving system.

We Love the system because of its high quality, the range of products, the flexibility & it maximizes the storage space.

In case you didn't know, elfa is a storage solution company that is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.

The company was founded in 1948 by the Swedish engineer Arne Lydmar and is today one of the world’s leading supplier of customized storage solutions.

With elfa throughout our house, we use elfa every day in almost every room in the home.

One of our customers have called it elfa-erizing their home.

And I know some people complain about the cost of elfa, but as a wise man once said to us.

"More often than not, cheap in the long run, can be very, very expensive!"

Kind Regards & Happy elfa-erizing, Lynda & Kevin




elfa Storage - Built In Robes

Space Saving Wardrobes

DIY or we can install for you. It's easy to transform your wardrobe thanks to elfa and the design team at the Wardrobe Man. For the best built in wardrobes in Perth make sure you visit.

elfa Wardrobes Read More....

elfa storage - Walk In Robe

Walk In Robes

There’s little point in owning the latest bag or dress if you can’t find it in your wardrobe when you’re getting dressed. Check out our full range of Walk In Wardrobes and more.

elfa Walk In Robes Read More....

elfa storage - Pantry Shelving

Pantry - Reorganized

Sick of Fixed Shelving in the Pantry. With elfa, it's easy to reorganize your pantry into a functional, flexible & well organized space & See everything at a glance.


elfa Pantries Click to View More..


elfa storage - Shoe Storage

Need Storage for Shoes?

Tired of piles of shoes all over the floor in the Walk In Robe. Can't find that favourite pair of heels? Get organized with a shoe storage solution from The Wardrobe Man and elfa.

elfa Shoe Storage Ideas

elfa- storage - Craft Rooms

Craft & Sewing Rooms

Craft Rooms never looked better with an organization system from elfa. Keeping craft supplies organized will save you time. So, whether you’re into card making, scrap booking, sewing or one-of-a-kind gift wrapping, you’ll have more time for the things you Love.

Click for more elfa crafty ideas

elfa Storage - Childrens Wardrobe

Children's Bedrooms

The Beauty with elfa is the Flexibility. As the Children grow and their needs change, it's now easy to reconfigure their wardrobes. It is easy to move shelves and add extra components.

elfa Shelving for Kids.


elfa Storage - Toy Library

Toy Libraries & Commercial Shelving

We can supply and install elfa shelving and our Freestanding elfa shelving for all your commercial shelving & storage requirements.

elfa Toy Libraries Read More....

elfa Storage - The Home Office

Desk Solutions

Put elfa Easy Hang Shelving and Drawers to work in your office to maximize space and create smart storage. Our organization experts can create a free, customized plan for your home or office.

elfa Home Offices Read More....

elfa Storage - The Garage

Garage Sorted

elfa® Utility and Garage storage has a clear design that exudes a convincing sense of quality and stability. Our products are also easy to assemble, extend and modify to meet changing requirements over time.

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Wardrobe Design ECO-WD01


Need more information - No Problem contact us or come and see me and get your Free Design Consultation in our Showroom.


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Bonus #1— 10 Year Warranty

The elfa storage system is guaranteed for Ten Years. You know you are getting the best quality and not some cheap copy from inferior materials that you will need to repalce in a few years time.

Bonus #2— Flexibility and Range

elfa is the most flexible storage system there is. With over 400 products available, you will be spoilt for choice.

Bonus #3— Order On Line and Save

Order online and we'll pack your order, so you can get started straight away. Simple. Easy. Time efficient & hassle free! DIY is easy with elfa.

Bonus #4— Rock Solid Strength

The elfa storage system is legendary for its strength. From commercial applications & Toy Libraries to your Wardrobe or Walk In Robe. You will sleep well at night knowing it's high quality and strong.