Want the best garage on the street? What about in Perth?
Well, the Elfa Garage Shelving System will make all your mates jealous.


Most of our clients come to us when they just can’t stand their garage, you may know the feeling…

You’ve just arrived home tired after a long day at the office. The garage door opens and you slowly maneuver your car in, trying not to scratch the side with all the tools, camping gear and the kids bikes piled up on the sides.


The garage has become a jungle, the thick and dense undergrowth on the ground, vines everywhere. You gently open your car door and squeeze out. Where did all this “stuff” come from you wonder. It’s just gotten worse and worse…


But you’re not out of the jungle yet! You stay alert, moving slowly through the dense jungle, stopping periodically to listen and take your bearings. It’s so dense you start hacking at vines and vegetation with your machete, always hacking upwards, sound carries in the jungle.


It’s a good thing you’re wearing long pants, otherwise your legs would have hundreds of cuts and scratches. You step over the tricycle your kids last played with when they were 3 and make it to the doorway leading inside. Not many would survive the jungle that is your garage.


But now you can say goodbye to that jungle of a garage that makes you wonder how you keep from going under.

Elfa’s Garage Shelving Solutions will turn your jungle into the mancave your mates won’t want to leave. All the kids toys, camping gear and even your tools will have their own place that will give you back your space.


Forget trying to squeeze one car in, you’ll be able to fit three!..


Want to buy a boat and go fishing on the weekend with the guys? Easy as!..


Want to set up a fridge (why walk all the way to the kitchen!?) with a couch and a 70” HD TV to watch the game on the weekend?...


Elfa’s Garage Shelving Solutions have got you covered!


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