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The 5 Minute Wardrobe Designer

Design Your Custom Wardrobe from Home in 5 Simple Steps within 5 minutes or Less!

Designing your own custom wardrobe from home is now an easy and simple process with our new 5 Minute Wardrobe Designer!

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below and once you are finished, we will send your design and pricing straight to your inbox.

Get Started

Step 1

Input the Width of Your Wall.

Good design always starts with a floor plan...  Read More

so for Step #1 please enter the width of your wall in millimetres (mm) below, for example: if your wall is 2100mm, enter 2100 into the box.

Once you’ve entered your width, click enter and scroll down to Step #2, which will be automatically updated with your width.

Enter Size

Step 2

Pick your Floor Plan.

Every wardrobe has sections, we call these sections ‘Bays’....  Read More

Below you will see in the left hand column ‘Floor Plan Sizes’, which has been automatically updated to the sizes closest to the width of your wall.

In the other columns you will see the Bays for that particular Floor Plan Size. For example a Floor Plan Size of 2050mm has 3 Bays: a 700mm Bay, another 700mm Bay and a 500mm Bay. Click which plan best suits you needs.

Step 3

The Floor Plan

Drag and Drop to Rearrange the Floor Plan - Read More

the order or where you want your Bays to go. Simply click and hold on the Bays and then drag them left or right to rearrange them. This will be your top down view of your wardrobe. Once you are happy with where your Bays are, scroll down to Step #4.


Step 4

The Front View

Drag and Drop the Components to the Front View -Read More

what individual components you want in your wardrobe. Below you will see all the items available, ranging from drawer boxes, to shoe shelves plus shelves and hanger bars. Below the individual items you will see your Bays.

Here's where you want to drag and drop the items you want into your Bays. When you drag an item onto your wardrobe, it will highlight in blue where you can drop it, because not all items go everywhere. When you are happy with all the items in your wardrobe and where they are located, please scroll down to Step #5.

Front View

Step 5

Get a Quote for my design

In Step #5 this is where you... Read More

In Step #5 this is where you fill out your details and send your design to the Team at The Wardrobe Man! Simply fill out your contact details below and click ‘Send Design for Pricing’. This will send your details and design to us, so one of our friendly Designers can check over your design and make sure everything is all good. Once this is done, we will reach out to you and give you a quote for your custom wardrobe!