The BEST Wardrobes In Aus…
Started In Our Home Garage!

People often ask us:

“Did you really start the Wardrobe Man from your home garage!?”

Yes we did! 10 years ago…

We were renovating our old house and couldn’t find ANY quality wardrobe products! Disappointment was an understatement…

And I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation:

You’ve searched high and low... driven all over town, gone from store to store, looking for what you want so badly… only to drive home disappointed and frustrated…

The Wardrobe We Wanted... Did Not Exist


Not willing to give up, we started researching. A LOT.

And it struck us how many people were in our exact same position…

Dealing with what the local builders called ‘standard practice’

One shelf. One rail. One wasted space...

But hey “You get what you’re given…”

What was cheap and easy for the builder... was nasty and a nightmare for us... and many others: What was cheap and easy for the builder... was nasty and a nightmare for us... and many others:



Look at all that wasted space...What a mess!

As you can see, we weren’t too happy with that!..

But that was standard. Everywhere...

We realised there was a real need for people to have Amazing Wardrobes…

So... We Started The Wardrobe Man!

We started operating out of our home garage! We were committed to helping people have Amazing Wardrobes…

Our commitment quickly turned into an obsession...

An obsession to find the Best Wardrobes in the World...

And to find the Best Wardrobes, it was clear from the beginning we weren’t going to find them in our backyard, so...

We Travelled The World To Find The BEST Wardrobes

We travelled...Worldwide...
From visiting suppliers in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore…
To meeting manufacturers in Europe, the UK and Asia…
We travelled here and there, to find the best...
And when we found the best… we were able to help our clients who were in the same situation we’d been in...
It was no surprise our clients were Thrilled with their Wardrobes!


The BEST Wardrobes In The World

Our Wardrobes had to be the Best of the Best. So naturally, we decided to focus on 3 core criteria:

  • Millionaire Status. Our Wardrobes had to have that look and feel that was second to none, a uniqueness that was simply Amazing, WHILE carrying an unbelieveable price tag!

  • Unequalled Functionality. If you were looking for a change 6 months, 9 months or even two years down the track… you could easily and effortlessly take it down, change it around, modify it or add extras... to have it exactly how you desired.

  • Superior Quality. We put all our Wardrobes to the test, and that’s why we only have 5 Wardrobe Systems (exclusive to The Wardrobe Man) out of the many. The Quality is so superior we are the only place you will find a 10 year guarantee.

We’ve Come A long Way!

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, working from our home garage…and it’s been one hell of a ride..

We don’t operate from our garage anymore… thank god!

We’ve expanded, and expanded, and expanded again, into a 500sqm premises in Wangara...

And what started out as a simple task to find an Amazing Wardrobe for ourselves… turned into a commitment on a much grander scale to help our clients have
The Best Wardrobes in the World...

Is It Time You Got One Of The Best Wardrobes Too?

We hear it time and time again:

“We should have got organized sooner!”

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered...

We can help you Design & Create Amazing Wardrobes & Storage Solutions for your whole house:

  • Wardrobes
  • Extensive Built In Robes
  • Walk in Robes
  • The Home Office
  • Children's Wardrobes
  • Craft Rooms
  • The Pantry
  • The Scullery
  • The Laundry
  • The Garage
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Make up Tables and
  • Our New Home Theatre Storage Solutions

So if you want the Best Wardrobes in Perth… there’s only one place to go…

The Wardrobe Man

Visit us at our showroom:

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